A: KATKADA was initiated to provide an outright solution to users who are looking for a suitable mobile plan/top-up that is cost-effective too. Our ultimate goal is to convert users from prepaid to post-paid, which is the sign of a developed country.
A: KATKADA provides Mobile Recharge and Mobile Plan Recommendation Services for a wide range of plans/ top-ups at a minimal cost. Users can mention their usage of calls or messages or mobile data needed by them so that we will be displaying an array of choices. Users can filter the choices according to their usage or budget, and select their desired plan/top-up.
A: KATKADA is compatible across all modern browsers that includes Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6+, IE 8+ and so on.
A: Recharge
Enter your10-digit mobile number.

Operator and Region will be automatically displayed. In case you have changed your operator using Mobile Number Portability (MNP), you need to specify the operator and region.

Various coupons will be displayed from which you can make a selection.

Specify the usage of calls or messages or mobile data needed by you.

A list of suggested plans/ top-ups will appear, which you can filter and make a selection.
A: We suggest plans/top-ups based on the usage limit mentioned by our users. Our results are filtered in such a way to satisfy the needs of the customer in terms of the usage they want and the budget they can afford.
A: Filling the break-up details can provide you an appropriate recommendation of mobile plans/ top-ups. When a user fills in the break up details, our system will provide appropriate plans/top-ups from which the user can filter the choices.
A: Based on the usage details the users provide, KATAKDA provides various suggestions from plans/top-ups from various operators and gives a detailed breakdown of the cost as well.
A: A precisely chosen plan/ top-up can be a cost-effective choice than a randomly chosen one. Users can check the prices across various operators and change to another operator by retaining the same number with Mobile Number Portability (MNP).
A: We, at KATKADA, have a habit of updating our systems every week. We are currently working on tools and processes which help us change tariffs in real time.
A: No, 3G features are available on smartphones that support WCDMA and HSPA bands.
A: Operators have introduced small screen 3G plans for mobile phones and large screen3G plans for data-cards. 3G phones can be used for video conferencing and streaming while 3G data-cards deliver packet switched data at a greater speed and efficiency.