About Us

A dozen of operators, hundreds and thousands of top-ups/plans to serve millions of customers that’s the composition of Indian Mobile Industry. Mobile phones have become a necessity over the last decade; voice call and SMS’s top-ups became a trend 5 years back; and now it’s the turn for data packs to wear the ‘Necessity’ tag. From school going kids to an old age granny, everyone has a smart phone in hand and every smart phone has a data pack or an SMS top-up at least.

The number of post-paid users being more than prepaid users is an ideal characteristic of a developed country. But in India, it’s the opposite. Prepaid users are 80%of the total users, whereas post-paid users are a mere 20%. KATKADA was born to break this happening trend and convert users to post-paid, which is the sign of a developed country!

Be it any region in India, any operator a user uses or any plan/top-up a user is looking for, KATKADA aids as a one-stop solution. We suggest our users with an array of plans/top-ups from which they can make a convincing selection. Our suggestions will be precise and most economical for our valuable customers.

KATKADA is second to none in its Mobile Plan Recommendation Service and its ultimate goal is to benefit millions of its end users in India. We have manipulated our process in a user-friendly way, which is as follows,

  • Making payments easy.
  • Recommending perfect mobile plans.
  • Closing the gap between user & service provider.
In addition to that we have a bundle of distinctive features to provide utmost customer satisfaction!
  • Quick & Effortless Mobile Recharge.
  • Attractive deals & discounts on every recharge.
  • 24 X 7 Customer service & support.
  • Convenient Payment Options.
  • Recharge at a single touch.
Get on board with KATKADA and witness an array of plan/top-up choices at a considerable price. Use the feedback widget to let us know about our area of improvement!